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Welcome to the Delta Wiki, dedicated to the short-lived ABC sitcom, starring Delta Burke.


Delta is a short-lived U.S. television sitcom produced by ABC starring Delta Burke. Burke portrays Delta Bishop, a woman who leaves her life behind to pursue her dream as a country music singer. Burke, most popular for her role as Suzanne Sugarbaker, in the popular CBS sitcom Designing Women, reportedly utilized her own singing talents for the role of Bishop, and dyed her familiar brunette hair blonde to play the role. The series premiered September 15, 1992, to healthy ratings following the ABC blockbuster Roseanne. The series then moved to Thursday nights opposite FOX's The Simpsons, and the ratings began to sink. The show was pulled from the schedule and returned to ABC the following Spring for six episodes before finally being canceled. In an attempt to infuse ratings, Burke brought her brunette hair back that spring (even re-filming the show's opening title sequence to correspond with the change in hair color), in the sake of familiarity, but it did little to save the series.

The theme song for the show was Reba McEntire's 'Climb That Mountain'.

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