Delta Burke as the titular character


Delta Bishop (nee Dupree) is the titular character of the ABC sitcom Delta.

She was portrayed by Delta Burke.


Delta Dupree was born to Rosalind Dupree. As a child, Delta always dreamed of becoming a country music star.

Eventually, she got a job at Mona's House of Hair.

Her dreams of becoming a country singer to put to rest when she married nonsupportive Charlie Bishop.

Ever feisty and having a zest for life, Delta left Charlie, quit her job at Mona's House and moved to Nashville, Tennesse, to finally to pursue her dreams of becoming a country singer.


On September 15, 1992, Delta moved to Nashville, and went to live with her cousin, Lavonne Overton, and her husband, Buck. Eventually, she got a job waiting tables at the local bar, The Green Lantern, owned by Darden Towe, eager to practice her singing during the bar's weekly amateur nights. There her hopes finally begin to take shape as she braves the spotlight for the first time.